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The A,B,C’s of Planning a Successful Estate Sale

Most people will have to get rid of a houseful of possessions at one time in their life, whether it is because of a death, divorce or long-distance move. The timing can be unpredictable and the process can be consuming. We have summarized a course of action for planning an efficient estate sale, so you are prepared when the time comes.

First, let us answer the simple question, “What is an estate sale?” An estate sale is an auction of household goods which can take place either at the home or an auction house. The purpose is to sell all left over belongings in a home after an event such as a divorce, death, move or even bankruptcy. The public is invited to the house to look through the property. For shoppers, estate sales are excellent spots to discover antiques and bargains. For the people hosting the event, they are a good way to make money from unwanted items.

Let’s go over the A B C’s of organizing a proper South Florida estate sale:

Appraisal – Once you and your family have chosen which items you wish to keep for yourselves, you should cull items that are not valuable enough for sale. Once you have sorted through the estate, you will need to get all items valued. Detailed research performed by a professional auctioneer should be done to find the market price for valuable items and ensure that you get top value.

Business – After you have found a price for all the items, it’s time to get down to business. Your professional auctioneer and his or her staff will need to organize the home to attractively display household items for the event, or transport the items to the auction house for preparation. Next, the auctioneer will set minimum prices after consulting with you. Finally, the auctioneer will advertise the estate sale and attract shoppers.

Closing – At the close of the estate sale, the auctioneer will assist you in determining how to handle any unsold items. The options would consist of donating the items, working with a consignment shop, selling items online (if time allows), etc.

An estate sale can be a grueling task, especially during an emotional time. The best route is to work with a professional auctioneer with experience organizing successful estate sales.

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