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Tribal Art

For Experienced Collectors or Beginners: Exclusive Gavel Helps Collectors Traverse the Terrain of Tribal Art

tribal-artExclusive Gavel offers unparalleled passion for tribal art, and Mr. Stacey Giulianti, Esq. is highly respected for his knowledge in the field. With tremendous depth of expertise, we specialize in art and artifacts with the highest provenance and authentication. Whether you are interested in purchasing, selling, valuation, liquidation, or exhibition, Exclusive Gavel provides a full range of services. To ensure the best possible deals, we continually monitor market trends and auction results while working closely with our clients to discern their needs.

Exclusive Gavel Provides Crucial Knowledge of Tribal Art and Artifacts for Smart Investments and Sales

Having been involved with tribal art for more than 20 years, Mr. Giulianti currently serves as Gallery Specialist in the Tribal Arts department of a local museum. He is also a member of the Institute of Maya Studies and the Society for American Archaeology. Mr. Giulianti’s consulting firm Tribal Art Hunter provides extensive services exclusive to ethnographic art. Exclusive Gavel and Mr. Giulianti are dedicated to preserving the true cultural legacy of tribal art.

One could say that Mr. Giulianti’s passion for tribal art is in his blood—the Giulianti family are long-time art dealers and collectors, and Mr. Giulianti’s contributions as an attorney and advisor for many in the field, including artists, art dealers, collectors, brokers, importers, and galleries, ensure that he is constantly in the know with regard to significant events and changes in the art world. With his rich background and continuing work in the field, Mr. Giulianti can secure the pieces you desire for the best pricing possible and can also help you sell your single work or entire collection, whichever approach best fits your needs.

Whether You’re Interested in a Single Piece or an Entire Collection, We’ll Accompany Your Every Step

Exclusive Gavel serves individual collectors, corporations, art dealers, and the design trade. We will locate artifacts with the highest provenance and authentication in the following areas, and more:

  • Pre-Columbian ceramics from Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America
  • African ceremonial masks, statues, and clothing
  • Inuit ivory and art
  • Art and artifacts of the indigenous Americans of the Pacific Northwest
  • Oceanic art crafted by natives of the Pacific Islands and Australia, from Hawaii to Easter Island
  • Textiles, clothing, tools, and beadwork of the Plains Indians.

To acquire or liquidate a collection of tribal art while upholding your commitment to historical preservation, Exclusive Gavel is your expert resource—bar none.

Contact Exclusive Gavel for Unsurpassed Expertise in Tribal Art and Artifacts

If you’re considering selling your tribal art, Exclusive Gavel, headed by Stacey A. Giulianti, Esq., has the experience and advanced expertise that ensures the best realization of value for clients. Mr. Giulianti has been involved in the auction field for 20 years as an attorney and adviser for auction houses, auctioneers, trustees, personal representatives, art dealers, collectors, brokers, importers, and galleries. A member of the Florida Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association, Mr. Giulianti provides white glove, professional service. Exclusive Gavel is associated with a 100-year-old South Florida auction house and conducts auctions both live and via the Internet—usually simultaneously. For more information, call (207) 318-4630 or fill out the form below: