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Yes, Please Give Us More Marilyn

1Who could forget the beautiful Marilyn Monroe? The face, the name, the infamous Happy Birthday routine to Kennedy; she was one of a kind. Even to this day she continues to entice our imaginations, and arouse our curiosity. She was a superstar.

This week she is about to appear again………..that is to say some of her clothing will appear. Unfortunately she will not be in it. Actually it will be mostly in picture format. But with any luck the spirit of Marilyn will be present at the upcoming auction of some of her most famous movie relics.

On the 8th of November Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills will hold an auction featuring property from the estate of costume designer William Travilla. Travilla was responsible for designing for eight of Monroe’s films. He was the mastermind that gave us the incredible dress that she wore when standing over the subway grate. The one that blew up her skirt, and made it swirl around her. (Thank you Travilla!) That particular dress sold for and unprecedented 4.6 million in an auction 2 years ago.

Travilla worked off of sketches he made of the intended dresses. The sketch of the mentioned dress will be available for auction this week and is anticipated to fetch as much as 10,000. A “mimic” of the dress will also be available with an appraisal of upwards of 20,000.

Travilla was actually a designer to many stars. He completed dresses for many a leading lady, like Betty Grable, Judy Garland, and Lana Turner to name a few. His designs eventually led him to creating high end fashions for the rich that were often modeled after those of the movies.

But his designs for Monroe were what brought him the most fame. Many of which shaped her role as an icon just as much as her personality did.

2Monroe’s items have long been a fascination with collectors and fans alike. They still draw not only a crowd but a purchasing audience. From personal items like her baby piano (Mariah Carey bought it for 600,000), to never before seen photos from her most trusted makeup artist, to the check she wrote the day before she died her effects will likely always be sought after. On a side note at least one psychologist has come forth to say that the check, written for the purchase of a small unassuming chest of draws for a little more than 200.00 is proof that Marilyn had no intention of committing suicide the next day. But as yet there are no plans to further investigate her tragic death.

Julien’s will also be auctioning off the sought after and highly secretive medical records that prove Ms. Monroe did indeed have plastic surgery. A controversial subject till this time, as it was something the star kept very quiet, and something there was much speculation about. Apparently nothing is sacred.

The auction items will be on exhibit at Julien’s from November 4th thru the 8th when the auction is set to take place. It is sure to catch many an eye, just as the lovely lady did in her day. Oh and that dress she wore for the “oh so sexy” song for Kennedy. It sold at auction for over 1.2 million dollars in 1999. Just so you know.